Thursday, December 1, 2016

Digital Files: Common Questions

I just want the digital files:
No problem!
They are available a la carte or can be purchased at the viewing session.  
The more you purchase, the more you save!
Many clients select our largest package to assure edited digital negatives of their favorite images.

What size would those files be?
Digital files are $125 per 8x10 reproducible size, and includes a print release for personal use only.  Many of our client love this option for holiday cards. 

Will you edit ALL of the digital files?
Not exactly.  Digitals are the negatives only with basic editing.  They do not include the retouching reserved for art prints. (Art prints are images that are selected for wall art.) 

Why are digital files so pricey?
Digital files are the most valuable because so much can be done with them.  Once you have the digital files, there may be no longer a need to purchase prints from me.  Thus, it is necessary for me to sell digital files at a premium to maintain a profitable business. 

The digital collection is actually a great savings if you want to print multiple images from your session.  For example, if you go with our $2000 package and there are 40 images in your gallery, it makes each file approximately $50 each!  If I have 80 files, they are only $25 each! 

Why can't I print larger than an 8x10?
We want to ensure that all of the wall art in your home is optimized for the print  medium in which it will be displayed. Each type of medium and each size requires different editing and optimization techniques.  For this reason, we only provide digital files optimized for 8x10 paper prints.

Social media sized images - can I get these, too?
All purchased prints of 8x10 or larger include a accompanying watermarked web-size file for social media sharing only. 

These are emailed to you after you've selected and paid for prints.

But, I want RAW files!
My files are huge and in a format that most regular programs cannot recognize.  To send a RAW file is like sending you a recipe book in Japanese when you don't know the language.
You really don't want RAW files that are up to 36 mega pixel.  

My clients often reserve my services at the $700 package level, but spend twice that on images and prints after they've seen their gallery.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ancestors in a Box

Ancestors in a Box...

When I was young, a highlight of visiting my grandmother's home was having her retrieve the boxes of loose photos and allowing me to peruse the family legacy. 

Boxes...images casually tossed into a box, labeled on the white border in a perfectly scripted penmanship who the person was...

Posed pictures...
...from a professional photographer, with the studio name emblazoned on the bottom in a fancy cursive.
...labeled with all family members. eared from years of grandkid's handling

Random snapshots... the wheelchair, her mother, who had polio. front of a car, a proud brother, with his new car. a yard, siblings, standing frozen for the camera.

And on the back, the date and often the location of where the image was taken.

Photographs are a family history passed down to a new generation. Photographs are shared family memories.  Photographs offer a better understanding of family - where they were from, the trials, birthdays, and celebrations that brought them together.

Ancestors in a box.

After awhile, the story wasn't told by my grandmother to me, but from me to a younger sibling.
...and this is Dominica, who had polio.
...and Joe was very proud of his first car.
...and this is Joe, Ida, and Rose when they were young.

When we print images, we are creating a history to be shared, a legacy of lives lived, a personal history lesson, of memories captured for time.

Why do I photograph?
Because I am a keeper of time.
Because memories need to be preserved.
Because it is a way of keeping time in a bottle...or in a box.

Let me create memories for your future generations.
Wall art, books, or even a box.

Contact me today...

Park City Photographers
c: 435.513.3814

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Make your session as unique as you!

We first photographed Emma when she was thirteen.
Fast forward to this soon-to-be high school senior's session.
Intelligent: (Emory, Amherst)

Honored to capture images of this young lady for two lifetime milestones.

Location: Park City, Utah
Nikon D810
24-70 2.8
Strobes: Paul Buff Alien Bees
Think Tank
Black Rapid

Soft box placed upon the ground. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Family Photos

What are you looking for in your family photos?

The word "family" implies a connection - and therefore, a photo showing that connection is important to many families.  Hugging, holding hands, moving in tight generally creates bigger smiles, laughter, tickling - and a great happy image.  Add the fun personalities of family members, a superb Park City location, excellent lighting, Park City Photographers - and voila.

Here, after about an hour and a half session, we chose to do "one more" photo - and this was it.

Contact us today for your one of a kind session. We create memories every day. Let us create one for you. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Behind the Scenes

What does it look like BEHIND the scenes?
Thanks to a few parents, you now know!  Studio equipment on location is standard for Park City Photographers.  

Senior Nicole painted this great underpass, so it was only natural that we took some of her senior image here!

Model and gymnast Addie shows off how flexible she is.  

Location Scouting

Tried and true locations are often cliche - EVERY body has taken an image THERE, and while "we can too", we like to create artistic portraits in other amazing places as well.  At Park City Photographers, I scout for the perfect location for you and your family.  

I'll be scouting more spots in the next week or so, but in the meantime, take a look at this awesome location right here in Park City.  Imagine your family here.  

Call me today. We can make it happen! 

                                           Superb location!  Mountain Pond

                                          Location: Long Boardwalk with bridge

                                                      Location: Aspen Grove #1
                                                             Location: Aspen Grove #1
                                                        Location: Hiker's Way

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Superb article detailing why one MUST charge what he/she does...

Too often, I hear, "Wow. I was hoping to spend less for a photographer." But the following article found on DIY Photography explains why a photographer charges what he/she does.